Rahul Deokar

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About Rahul

Rahul Deokar is the author of the bestselling thriller, Quest for Kriya - Winner 2016 Beverly Hills Book Awards, Gold Medal 2016 eLit Book Awards, Finalist 2015 International Book Awards, and hailed as "an extraordinary work", "a true gem", "a modern spiritual classic" and "a Zen of Oz philosophy toward the Light". Rahul grew up in Juhu, a western suburb of Mumbai, India, famous for its sprawling beach and home to Bollywood celebrities. He graduated with top honors from VJTI, one of the oldest (founded in 1887) engineering colleges in Asia.He emigrated to USA as a student pursuing a Masters in Computer Engineering and later an MBA at Iowa State University, New York University, and Santa Clara University. Rahul rode the customary rollercoaster start-up journey in the Silicon Valley technology industry,being eventually acquired by a leading software company. Today as a seasoned executive, the excitement of innovation and passion continue to enthrall him. In his debut novel, he brings together two worlds, and takes you on a thrilling romantic adventure where East meets West, technology talks to tradition, and hope dances with despair. He currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his loving Wife 1.0 and two adorable kids.